First Aid Certificate

Danish First Aid Council’s First Aid Certificates

Danish First Aid Council's First Aid Certificates

The Danish First Aid Council issue electronic First Aid Certificates. These are, however, only available in Danish at the moment. It is, therefore, possible to use a translation of the first aid certificate and competency targets which is available in PDF format and enclose this with the original certificate. You will find the translation here: First Aid Certificate Specimen
The certificate contains the student’s name, Civil Registration System Number (CPR no.), Date of issue, information about which first aid training the student has undergone, logo for issuing organization, the instructor’s name and instructor number and Certificate-ID – which can be used in the validation of proof in cases of doubt.

The certificate will be issued by one of the 15 organisations that are members of or have cooperation with Danish First Aid Council. The organisation’s logo will appear on the certificate.

The student will after completing the course receive a link from which the course certificate can be downloaded as a PDF file and printed.

Local Government services for citizens, police or others can then validate the course certificate by accessing the web address and with the certificate's ID-number, verify the authenticity of the evidence.
How to validate an electronic certificate:
Click on ‘Gå til "Er beviset gyldigt?"
Enter Certificate-ID, enter it in the format that appears on the course certificate (16 digits or 32 digits) and conclude by pressing the “Validër”-button
Click on the PDF icon for the certificate you want to open
If a certificate does not occur, it may be because the certificate is deleted by the instructor or the certificate is not valid. Contact the issuing organization or the Danish First Aid Council.